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Mohamed El-Alawi

Computer Science Undergrad

University of Manitoba

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Genotify was written in collaboration with a PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis. It's a browser extension that addresses a very simple annoyance for clinicians and researchers. It allows for in-text referencing of gene symbols, saving one the hassle of googling a gene just to get a basic description of what it does. The user just has to highlight a gene symbol and a small blurb describing its function will appear over the highlighted text within a second.

The functions are pulled from the UniProtKB database.

Genotify blurb displaying information about protein "ESPN".

Upon initialization, the background script retrieves and parses the latest versions of JSON emoticon lists from certain, predefined urls, and organizes them in a string-indexed collection. This collection is then passed on to the content scripts where it'll act as a dictionary of emoticon strings.