Mohamed El‑Alawi

Mohamed El-Alawi

Computer Science Undergrad

University of Manitoba

Copyright (©) Mohamed El-Alawi, 2016

Global Twitch Emotes

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When installed, this extension scans through any opened webpages for recognized string patterns and replaces them with the appropriate "" emoticon.

How It Works

Global Twitch Emotes is a typical browser extension that utilizes both content scripts and background scripts. The background scripts exist as a singleton for the lifetime of the extension, providing required data to the content scripts (which are instantiated for each open browser tab).

An example of one of the JSON documents.

Upon initialization, the background script retrieves and parses the latest versions of JSON emoticon lists from certain, predefined urls, and organizes them in a string-indexed collection. This collection is then passed on to the content scripts where it'll act as a dictionary of emoticon strings.